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'A unique approach to the art of yacht agency work. We believe there is no one better placed to serve all your needs locally'.


Contact us and we will arrange the most competitive quotes for you and arrange the logistics of fuel delivery. We have direct access to a wide network of suppliers and brokers worldwide. Let us provide you with a competitive price comparison. We make enquiries on your behalf with our local suppliers to accommodate your request, guarantying the best price due to the volume of yachts we send them as a yacht agent. 


We know how hard it can be away from home, working crazy hours of the day and night, not knowing where you are off to next. Let us worry about getting those quotes in, its not costing you anything! From Morrison's pre-orders to premium guest provisions. We have you covered.


This is where we come into a world of our own; How2Yacht will surpass all your expectations. We have the experience and know how to organise anything from your next crew changeover request to arranging a top recording artist for a private dinner show. We consider ourselves the epitome of a ‘One Stop Shop’.


Usually available to owners, now we bring it to the crew. A one stop shop where you will find anything you could possibly need. We think you deserve unequivocal support. You deserve a shore-side team working around the clock, one that understands the needs of the Captain and his Crew. A team looking after every aspect of the yacht’s operation, one working in conjunction with the Captain, not against him. Only this way, can the Captain & crew devote themselves entirely to looking after the owner and his guests; When they have the piece of mind that all is being well taken care off by their management company.

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